Qualitative interior objects from production surpluses. Cimajet processes ceramics to size and the often deviating dimensions result in a lot of residual material. We don't want to just throw it away or leave it lying around, which is why we founded Pierre. In our studio we process all leftovers into unique interior objects. In this way we contribute to a more sustainable world and less waste. 

Important: The basic shapes and dimensions are maintained in the collection, but the decor changes according to the offer. 

Customization possible. On request. 

Available at Cimajet and authorized dealers:

Cimajet: Ringaertstraat 10, BE-8820 TORHOUT. info@cimajet.be

Boost Moodshop: Mandellaan 307, BE-8800 ROESELARE. didier@boostmoodshop.be 

If interested to become a Pièrre dealer, please let us know: info@cimajet.be