the invisible hob

A worktop that you can cook directly on. It looks like a gadget from James Bond's kitchen, but it's pure reality. 

INVISACOOK developed an induction plate that is installed just below the worktop and heats pans through the worktop.

The innovative technology results in a functional 'cooktop' with a luxurious design look. Your kitchen is not only the place where you cook, it is a central place in your home where you lay the foundation for the health of your family. 

Therefore, your kitchen must be safe, aesthetically pleasing and equipped with the latest technology that allows you to cook efficiently without sacrificing taste or time. 

INVISACOOK is not only faster than traditional gas or electric hobs, but it is also one of the safest hobs you can have in your home. 

Because the worktop does not heat up, you feel more confident and safer in your kitchen with a reduced risk of burns. 

Its invisibility thus remains a primary force and not a cause for concern. 


  • DESIGN: You really don't see anything. As a result, the worktop comes into its own. It is an invisible hob. 
  • SAFE: Only the cooking pan heats up, so you can't burn yourself on the worktop.
  • SPACE: Extra space in your kitchen! You don't lose space with INVISACOOK and the worksheet can be used to the full.
  • EFFICIENCY: Cook quickly and easy to maintain.

Cimajet was the first exclusive importer and distributor of INVISACOOK for a number of European countries, Switzerland and Monaco. i

Questions or remarks? Or if you are interested in integrating the invisible hob into your ceramic kitchen worktop, do not hesitate to contact us.