About Cimajet

Cimajet focuses on custom made ceramics. We process our own slabs from our collection and slabs from third parties.

We process all types of ceramic slabs into kitchen worktops, washbasins, sinks, facade panels, shower walls, table tops, stair cladding, swimming pool edges, ... 

Kitchen worktops

What is ceramic

Ceramic is the collective name for all objects made of baked clay. The term ceramics comes from the Greek word 'Keramos', which stands for loam, potter's clay or 'work made of earth'. After it has been processed, shaped and dried, clay is baked into a stone-like material: ceramic.

Ceramic is durable, ecological, cradle-2-cradle, wear-resistant, dimensionally stable, colourfast and scratch, UV, frost and stain resistant and also easy to maintain.

Waterjet cutting

Cimajet is equipped with a high-tech machine park where we can cut ceramic and other materials with water.

Under high pressure from 3500 bar to 6000 bar, water is forced through a small nozzle of the cutting head. The pressure of the water is converted into speed. With the hard sand attached, the water exits the cutting head at about twice the speed of sound. The impact energy on the material to be cut creates a cut of +/- 1mm. Soft materials can often be cut with pure water.

  • All type of materials can be cut.
  • The cut is straight, virtually burr-free and of consistent, high quality.
  • A cold process, which means that no thermally loaded zones are created.
  • The cutting width is very small (1 mm loss of material), so that pieces can be nested closely.
  • There are no toxic fumes or chemical reactions. 

custom made

The invisible hob

A worktop that you can cook directly on. It looks like a gadget from James Bond's kitchen, but it's pure reality. Invisacook has developed an induction plate that is installed just below the worktop and heats pans through the worktop. The innovative technology results in a functional 'cooktop' with a luxurious design look. 


Bathroom sinks, hand washers, shower bases and baths.

After the configuration, download the .pdf file by clicking on the 'diskette' symbol. Send us this file. 

We will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made quote afterwards without obligation.